Cocktail Spinner

Cocktail Spinner Root7Shaken not stirred.. Really Mr Bond? Introducing air bubbles into your libation by violently shaking it isn’t always the right technique to use. The Cocktail Spinner has a unique pump action that spins your concoction at the perfect velocity, without any excess force needed.

The Cocktail Spinner can be used for all drinks and not just for alcoholic cocktails. Use to mix up juices or squash or and fill with ice for cool refreshing Summertime drink. The Cocktail Spinner is also perfect for making mocktails if you are having a dry month!

The Cocktail Spinner comes packaged in stylish packaging that has instructions and description so the consumer will know exactly what the product does. With an RRP of £17.99 the Cocktail Spinner is the perfect option for people who want something new and exciting for their range.


– Unique pump mechanism for mixing cocktails

– Strong BPA free plastic

– Use for cocktails, mocktails, juices or squash

– Strong, colourful packaging

Materials: BPA free plastic

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