The Bar10der – The World’s first ever 10-in-1 cocktail multitool

The first 10 in 1 cocktail multi-tool is perfect for mixing drinks in your home, at a friends house or just about anywhere. It is portable, easily cleaned and beautifully presented.
Packaging and product are engineered to an extremely high quality and make this the ideal gift. The Bar10der is suitable for complete beginners as it comes with easy to use instructions and recipes and also for the more experienced bartender who might want to take his tools on the road but needs a portable solution.

When it comes to hosting a party or mixing drinks while on the go at a party the Bar10der is your knight in shining armour. You’ll be able to whip together the cocktails you and your friends love to enjoy, but never thought you could recreate. Plus, the 10-in-1 compact design makes it simple to use and store. So you can definitely ensure you mates will be  impressed by your exquisite cocktail making skills. Below is an explanation of the various tools that are on the Bar10der.

Tools Included – Muddler, Reamer, Double sided jigger, Stirrer, Knife, Bottle Opener, Zester, Channel Knife, Corkscrew and strainer.

To discuss distribution or press opportunities for the Bar10der please contact Root7.


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